CorelDraw Training


CorelDraw® is one of the leading Graphics packages available on the market today and is growing in popularity in leaps and bounds. From high end Ad agencies to private home users, the CorelDraw® Suite of programmes provide the tools necessary for quality reproduction. 

CorelDraw® is a vector-based drawing program that makes it easy to create professional artwork from simple logos to intricate technical illustrations. The enhanced text-handling capabilities and writing tools of CorelDraw® allow you to create text-intensive projects such as brochures and reports with greater ease than ever before. The interactive tools and enhanced features give you the power to design and publish graphics of the highest quality.

A 10 hour course costs R2980.00

Course Content:

  • The Drawing Setup, including the use of grids, rulers and guidelines.
  • The Drawing and Shaping of objects, including the drawing and shaping of lines, curves, elipses, rectangles, polygons, stars and irregular shapes.
  • The Organising of objects, including the grouping, combining, welding, trimming, intersecting, aligning and distributing of objects.
  • The Transforming of objects, including rotating, skewing, stretching, sizing, scaling, mirroring, duplicating and undoing transformations.
  • The Filling and Outlining of objects, including working with patterns and textures.
  • Working with Text, including formatting, editing, using writing, editing and typing aids, creating graphical effects, customising text and adding symbols and graphics.
  • Creating Special Effects, including blending, contouring, envelopes, extrudes, lenses, power clips, perspective and interactive tools.
  • Working with Bitmaps, including tracing, colouring, manipulating and special effects.
  • Working with Colour, including colour models, blends, and palettes.
  • Importing, Exporting & Printing.
  • Preparation of artwork for the bureau and for the internet.

“The choice of professionals”

Training takes place in Lombardy East. Occasionally, on-site training can also be carried out at clients premises. Transport will be an additional charge. Training can also be provided in any of the major centres if there are four or more students.